NetScore GridOrder for NetSuite

An order entry application that streamlines entering quantities of matrix items.

Streamline Your Order Entries with GridOrder

Allow Users to Select Matrix Items & Enter Quantities Without Entering Each Item Separately

Drives Better Buying Decisions

Improves buying decisions by providing insight into inventory levels for each company location.

User Friendly

Simple user interface makes it easy to use. Users can easily add, edit or remove items.

Add Multi-Child Items

Allows user to add multi child items of various parent items.

Reduces Processing Time

Reduces the sales order and purchase order processing time, which leads to increase in productivity.

Avoid Separate Entry of Items

Avoid the hectic manual task of entering child matrix items separately.

View Your Business More Strategically with Real Time Visibility

Improve Buying Decisions with insight Into Inventory Levels for Each Company Location

Custom Price Flexibility

Supports customer price levels and custom price flexibility.

Customizable Special Features

Customizable for special features like line level location (multi-location) and multi-subsidiary support.

Real-time Visibility

Provides real-time visibility of inventory on hand.

Standard and Custom Forms

Available for both standard and custom forms.

Easy Setup

Includes one-time setup and an easy-to-use interface.

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