NetScore PickSlip Manager for NetSuite

A warehouse application that enhances the fulfillment process with pickslip management functionality

Enhance Your Fulfillment Process with Pickslip Management Functionality

Print, Reprint & Void Both Single & in Batches

Reduces Processing Time

Helps save overall processing time by automating the entire pick slip process.

Simultaneous Processing of Multiple Orders

Process multiple orders at the same time and avoid the manual process.

Generates Based On Available Items

Pick slip will be generated only for those items that are available in inventory which helps the warehouse manager to pick the exact quantity.

Eliminates Multiple Pick Slips Per Order

Can be printed multiple times with same pick slip number which reduces the ambiguity between multiple pick slips for a single sales order.

System Log Maintains All Pick Slip Activities

Maintains all the activities related to the pick slip, which helps track all the details related to the pick slip for future references.

Improves In-time Stock Picking

Helps In-time stock picking and timely delivery to customer which improves your engagement with customers.

Works Equally Well in Your Warehouse or in Your Retail Store with a Full Complement of Features

Send Email Notifications

An email will be sent to admin or concerned person who is going to pick the items from the warehouse. The email will provide information on inventory details.

Generation Of Pick Slips Based On Quantity

Pick slips will be generated based on the quantity available in the inventory.

Maintains Logs of Activities

Maintain logs for all the activities related to pick slip such as pick slip print, reprint, void/cancel.

Provision To Print Additional Documents

Prints related items along with pick slip, to provide additional information to the warehouse manager.

Create Pick Slips For Multiple Sales Orders

Provides option to select multiple sales orders based on filters chosen by the user.

Sort Items on Pick Ticket Based on the Bin Numbers

The sorting process will help the warehouse manager to pick items from the appropriate bins in the warehouse.

Print Different Pick Tickets for Different Locations

A sales order may have items with different locations. In this case, pick tickets can be printed based on the selected location.

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