NetScore WMS Mobile for NetSuite

A groundbreaking mobile application that delivers both powerful inventory management and mobile flexibility

Deliver Powerful Inventory Management with Mobile Flexibility

Improve Efficiency with Employees & Increase Customer Satisfaction

NetScore WMS Mobile For NetSuite brings the power of barcode technology to wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies. Leveraging the Oracle NetSuite platform and a cloud-based mobile application, WMS Mobile streamlines product flow through your warehouse, and manages receiving, put away, picking, packing, and shipping accurately and efficiently.  This versatile and flexible platform tailors the solution to your needs and leverages a large selection of devices in your warehouse.

Compatible with iOS and Android Devices

Runs on devices that utilize the Android and IOS operating system, from tablets to ruggedized handheld units with built-in 2D scanners.

Improves Order Accuracy

Barcode scanning ensures your warehouse workers are carrying out operations with the highest degree of accuracy. Scanning serial and lot numbers is accomplished quickly and without mistakes.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Warehouse users come up to speed quickly with this easy-to-learn application. With guided activities and assigned tasks, workers are effective in hours instead of days.

Made for Your Business

This flexible platform can be tailored and customized to your business needs. The reporting power and customization features of NetSuite can produce critical information on your warehouse operations quickly.

NetScore WMS Mobile Provides a Full Complement of Inventory Management Features

Warehouse Operations

NetScore WMS Mobile provides the technology to automate all of the critical activities in your warehouse including:

Flexible Deployment

Can be deployed utilizing NetSuite Bin Management or where Bins are not utilized.

Inbound Product

Provides a fast and efficient way of receiving inventory from purchase orders, transfer orders, and customer returns. Item labels can be printed while receiving inventory allowing for labeling of inbound product.

Inventory Management

Manages inventory counts, Bin and warehouse transfers, item lookups, and inventory adjustments from your mobile device.

Outbound Product

Utilize single order or batch picking techniques with direct ship features or pick, pack, and ship strategy. Labels can be generated on demand from wireless printers.

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