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NetScore Roll Management for NetSuite

NetScore Subscription Billing Automates Recurring Transactions

Designed to handle subscription changes when your subscribers renew, pause,
upgrade or change their subscriptions.

NetScore Analytics delivers reports which can enable customers to discover concealed information that could be used to make business decisions and to obtain significant insights into the firm’s performance across departments and multiple subsidiaries.

Business Overview

NetScore Analytics helps users get a deeper understanding of your business so they can deliver better experiences and drive results.

Insights to Results

NetScore Analytics is built to collaborate with NetSuite transactions and items that you can use your insights from Analytics to help you reach the right customers.

Custom reports for NetSuite


• Invoice Report
• Billing History
• Inventory Valuation


• Inventory Totals
• Inventory Summary
• Item Reporting
• Transaction Report


• Order Summary
• Purchase Order History
• Order History


• Inventory Viewer

Multi-Subsidiary Reporting

NetScore Analytics provides a unique solution, where you can generate reports of multiple subsidiaries at one place. By which you can compare the performances or multiple functional actions of those subsidiaries on a single page.

Custom Dashboards

Easy customization of reports, which can allow users to generate different reports according to their need.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Helps you to analyze different reports at one point to get a consolidated report. Visualizing the same reports will help users to understand easily on a high level view. User can generate different visualized reports for different queries.


NetScore Analytics have a wide range of reports which are developed on the basis of NetSuite transactions which include customer,vendor, subsidiairy, items etc. As the application is built completely on the basis of NetSuite reports will be accurate when compared to other generalized reporting tools.

Easy to Use

NetScore Analytics is a easy to use tool, a user can be signed up in a very few steps. Dashboards will be based on the user role, which will not create any additional effort by user to generate reports of his particular need. C-level/admins will have the access to generate any kind of reports from the dashboard.

NetScore Customer Saying
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“With NetScore, our net increase in headcount was zero for the launch of a business that now makes up 15 percent of our revenue—and we don’t have to work 12 to 14 hour days. When you’re a consumer products company with a very rapid rate of growth, anything you can do to improve the efficiency of the few resources you have is like gold.”

Dorothy Sadd | Chief Operating Officer


Case Study Image


Adds New Apparel Lines Without Expanding Staff

Manduka was growing rapidly and had recently added apparel to its product offerings. It needed to keep up with growth in a lean and efficient manner.

NetScore Customer Saying
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“A very efficient connector for managing multiple SKUs available on Amazon using NetSuite for inventory hosting. Order creation and fulfillment are easy. And, tracking numbers upload right to the appropriate order, marking it shipped and fulfilled on Amazon Seller Central. Works great!”

Brad Rea


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