NetScore Loyalty Rewards for Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento

Reduce Advertising Costs

Reduces your advertising costs while increasing the effectiveness of your promotions and motivating customer behaviors.

Build Brand Equity

Improves engagement and positive interaction with your customers.

Supports Multiple Websites of a Customer using Single Loyalty Bundle

Ability to support multiple websites using single loyalty bundle.

Increase Revenue

Increases revenue by driving greater frequency of customer engagement and lasting relationships.

Quick Installation

Setup, configure and define award points for various customer activities with ease.

Provide a Fun and Efficient Customer Experience

Creates positive customer experiences that demonstrate your appreciation with rewards that are easy to redeem and a system that’s fun to use.

Can Print Gift Certificate Vouchers in PDF Format

Gift Certificate voucher can be printed in PDF format and provide flexibility to change design and content of PDF according to business needs.

Grow Your Customer Base and Lifetime Value

Increases customer referrals and recommendations with programs like Refer-a-Friend, Initial Sign-up Bonus Points, E-mail share and others.

Robust Features for a Great Customer Experience

Automatically Awards Points to Customers and Allows Easy Viewing of Balance for Future Redemption

Convenient Visibility with Real-time Updating

Customers can view loyalty point balances from their devices-always updated in real-time.

Flexible Product Based Points

Provides an option to define product based points for specific items.

Earn Points through Special Loyalty Programs

Allows special programs including Refer A Friend, Birthday and Anniversary Points, Award for Product Reviews, Initial Sign-up Bonus Points and more.

Easily Redeem Loyalty Points

Provides your customers with an option to redeem their points at checkout, customers can generate gift certificate through point redemption.

Supports Multi-Currency

Customer can be rewarded even if you deal with multi-currency business operations.

Social Media Integration

Integrated with Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Google Plus Share, Email Share and others.

Customizable Tier Based Loyalty Points

You can define and customize multiple tiers and award your customers accordingly.

My Account Page

Provides a summary of your loyalty points, point history and points redeemed. It also provides quick access to the refer a friend and gift card generation capabilities.

Validity of Loyalty Points

The loyalty points awarded to customer will expire after certain period, which can be customized accordingly.

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Netscore Loyalty Rewards

NetScore Loyalty Rewards Now Supports Magento Shopify WooCommerce Platforms!

NetScore Customer Saying
NetScore Customers

“We have had the Loyalty rewards implemented for Kilimanjaro SCA. This is a very solid and well thought out solution compared to other loyalty apps we have used. It’s flexible and can be customized to an extent and rewards customers for more than just spending money which builds on customer engagement.”

“Implementation: The project management on this was excellent and agile enough to adapt and include additional requirements that were added mid project. The team work really well to keep you informed and up-to-date on progress. From our experience I would definitely recommend this company if you’re looking at extensions and apps for Netsuite.”

Ben Thrower | IT Marketing

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