NetScore TradeShow Mobile for NetSuite

A groundbreaking mobile application that delivers both powerful inventory management and mobile flexibility

Deliver Powerful Inventory Management with Mobile Flexibility

Improve Efficiency with Employees & Increase Customer Satisfaction

Delivers iOS and Android Device Compatibility

NetScore TradeShow Mobile works with iOS and Android devices, barcode scanners, wireless printers, and square payment readers.

Improves Sales Process

Sales transactions including payment capture can be created quickly. Eliminates manual payment updates in NetSuite.

Increases Employee Efficiency

NetScore Tradeshow Mobile transforms multiple manual steps into a single step scanning process to improve both efficiency and productivity.

Installs Quickly and Easily

Setup is easy and user-friendly. The application installs quickly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You are up and running in minutes.

NetScore TradeShow Mobile Provides a Full Complement of Inventory Management Features

In-Store Operations

Item Lookup

Delivers a complete overview of your inventory in real-time allowing constant visibility of stock levels and insights to improve purchasing decisions.

Sales Transactions

Provides flexibility for quickly creating Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices or Cash Sales on one screen. Also, supports payment options like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards, Apple Pay and Square Payments.

Customer Returns

Performs customer returns with a one-step process in NetSuite.

Inventory Adjustment

Rapidly adjusts inventory and sends adjustments through the approval process.

Inventory Transfers

Transfer inventory from your company’s warehouse to the trade show location in one step. After completion of a trade show, the leftover stock can be reverted to your company’s warehouse.

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