NetSuite Delivery Management

NetScore Delivery Routing for Acumatica

A delivery solution for Acumatica customers who run their own delivery trucks


Take Control of Your Delivery Business

Increases Driver Efficiency and Improves Customer Satisfaction

NetScore Delivery Routing for Acumatica offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage every aspect of your delivery operations. The optimal route planner ensures delivery vehicles are loaded correctly and follow the most efficient route. Built on the Acumatica platform, the core solution leverages order management and fulfillment, accounting, returns, and the full reporting capabilities of the platform. Artificial Intelligence (AI) means your system gets smarter as time goes on. The mobile device application (iOS or Android) gives drivers full access to critical information from turn-by-turn instructions, order contents, collection of payments, proof of delivery, return management, and many other capabilities at their fingertips.

Delivery routing infographic

Total View of Delivery Operations

Users can view the status of a delivery order for every step in the delivery life cycle. Staged orders can be scanned as they are loaded onto the delivery vehicles showing a “loaded” status. Proof of delivery features change the order status to delivered and updates Acumatica with captured signatures, pictures, and time stamps. Truck locations are presented on a map dashboard as they progress through their routes.

Empowering Your Delivery Team

A powerful mobile application let’s drivers have a complete graphical view of their route with detailed contents of each delivery order. Turn-by-turn instructions are available with an estimated time to the next stop. Drivers can communicate by text or email to both customers and dispatchers.

A broad range of functions are available such as receiving returns, taking payments, entering sales orders, capturing signatures, and photos are included. Drivers can even print hard copies of invoices and other delivery documentation on printers located in their delivery vehicle. Data is automatically updated in the Acumatica route planning solution from the mobile application.

Works For Businesses of All Sizes

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Individual Routing or Busy Professionals

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Team Routing for a Single Warehouse Business

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Team Routing for a Multi-Warehouse Business

NetSuite Team Routing for a Multi-Regional Business

Team Routing for a Multi-Regional Business


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