Walmart NetSuite Integration

Walmart Connector for NetSuite

NetScore connector that seamlessly integrates the Walmart Marketplace with NetSuite

NetSuite to Walmart
Walmart Inventory Updates
Walmart Process

Integrate Walmart Marketplace with NetSuite Seamlessly

NetSuite to Walmart

Reduces Error Count

Flawless integration with NetSuite reduces the error count.

Provides Real-time Sales Tracking

Provides real-time dashboard analytics to help keep track of sales.

Provides Real-time Inventory Updates

Provides real-time inventory update every 5 minutes.

Delivers Advanced Order Capabilities

Leverages advanced capabilities such as order and customer duplication, order variance reporting, order auto-acknowledgment and
full inventory sync.

Provides Improved Efficiency

Hands-off operation allows you more time to focus on your business.

Manage & Track Orders, Customers, & Inventory with Ease

Order Management

  • Inventory and pricing details will be updated at regular intervals.
  • The order can be pulled into NetSuite and shipments can be updated at regular intervals.
  • Lowest offering reports can be imported into NetSuite.

  • Returns and cancellations are handled.
  • One stop setup in NetSuite to make configuration changes.
  • Provides insights into low stock and listing period expiration to notify users.
  • Track sales, customers, and inventory feed on daily basis.

NetScore FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions. Learn more about NetScore’s Walmart Connector for NetSuite.

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