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A delivery solution for NetSuite customers who run their own delivery trucks

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Take Control of Your Delivery Business

Increases Driver Efficiency and Improves Customer Satisfaction

NetScore Delivery Routing for NetSuite offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage every aspect of your delivery operations. The optimal route planner ensures delivery vehicles are loaded correctly and follow the most efficient route. Built on the NetSuite platform, the core solution leverages order management and fulfillment, accounting, returns, and the full reporting capabilities of the platform. Artificial Intelligence (AI) means your system gets smarter as time goes on. The mobile devise application (IOS or Android) gives drivers full access to critical information from turn-by-turn instructions, order contents, collection of payments, proof of delivery, return management, and many other capabilities at their fingertips.

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AI based Route Planning and Optimization

Fulfillment orders are drawn from NetSuite into the route planning application and routes are created based on a geo-point mapping tool in combination with a rules-based set of parameters. The extensive planning tool let’s your route planner build loads that consider truck weight and volume capacities as orders are added to the route. AI-based planning capability allows for building of routes based on the number of drivers and delivery vehicles available. The route planner for delivery drivers can adjust the route from either a desktop workbench or mobile application. Orders to pick up returns, payments, and other customer interactions can be included in the route plan.

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Total View of Delivery Operations

Users can view the status of a delivery order for every step in the delivery life cycle. Staged orders can be scanned as they are loaded onto the delivery vehicles showing a “loaded” status. Proof of delivery features change the order status to delivered and updates NetSuite with captured signatures, pictures, and time stamps. Truck locations are presented on a map dashboard as they progress through their routes.

Empowering Your Delivery Team

A powerful mobile application let’s drivers have a complete graphical view of their route with detailed contents of each delivery order. Turn-by-turn instructions are available with an estimated time to the next stop. Drivers can communicate by text or email to both customers and dispatchers. A broad range of functions are available such as receiving returns, taking payments, entering sales orders, capturing signatures, and photos are included. Drivers can even print hard copies of invoices and other delivery documentation on printers located in their delivery vehicle. Data is automatically updated in the NetSuite route planning solution from the mobile application.


NetScore Delivery Routing can be tailored to meet your specific route management software needs. Built on the NetSuite platform it can be modified through simple configuration changes to adding custom scripts to manage unique business cases. Leveraging the NetSuite reporting capabilities gives you full access to building custom reports and dashboards.

Works For Businesses of All Sizes

NetSuite Route Optimization

Individual Routing or Busy Professionals

Team Routing for a Single Warehouse Business

Team Routing for a Single Warehouse Business

NetSuite Team Routing for a Multi-Warehouse Business

Team Routing for a Multi-Warehouse Business

NetSuite Team Routing for a Multi-Regional Business

Team Routing for a Multi-Regional Business


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A geo-point mapping tool pinpoints the location of each stop.

Artificial Intelligence and data analytics tools allow the system improve route planning over time.

Resource planning allows for routes to be generated based on number of drivers and delivery vehicles available.

The mobile application can be deployed on either Android or IOS devices.

Integration with SMS texting and email provides enhanced communication capabilities.

Critical data such as order completion, proof of delivery, signature capture and driver location are uploaded automatically from the mobile device to NetSuite.

NetSuite licenses are not required for mobile users.


As orders are added to a route, truck capacities for weight and volume set limits for each load.

Route planners can easily add or remove delivery orders from a route.

Routes can be modified even after they have been deployed in the event a truck breaks down and orders need to be moved to other vehicles.

Additional transactions such as return pick up and payment collection can be added to the route.

Dispatchers can view the current location of all their trucks on a desktop dashboard.

Route Zones can be established to assign orders to trucks operating in a specific area.

Driver Features

View graphical depiction of the route plan showing all stops.

View order details for each delivery at a stop.

Get turn-by-turn driving instructions.

Update status of each delivery on completion.

Use full proof of delivery features including signature capture and photographing product at the delivery point.

Enter sales orders.

Accept returns.

Use email or texting to communicate with customers or dispatcher.

Upload order completion and proof of delivery data to NetSuite which is attached to the delivery sales order.

Record travel expenses.

Print documents in delivery vehicle using mobile printers.

Non-touch signature capture allows customers to provide their signatures digitally via email instead of physically signing a document.


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