NetScore Rental management
NetScore Rental Management for WooCommerce

A Full Featured
Management Solution for Companies that Offer Rental Products

Seamlessly Integrates With Product Management, Pricing, Asset management, and other Key Services

NetScore rental woocommerce

Easy setup

Intuitive setup capabilities allow you to tailor the solution to your rental business. Product pool management lets you control available rental products and can include full asset management. Pricing, rental periods, deposits, discounts, rental locations, and other key features can be quickly established.

Scheduling / availability

Available rental products can be viewed in calendar views and assigned to rental contracts for future dates. Products can also be scheduled for maintenance which removes them from the rental pool during maintenance periods.

Rental contracts

The solution leverages your WooCommerce Order Management solution to establish client rental agreements that define the rental period, pricing, discounts, deposits, pickup location, and other contract specific terms.

Key Features of NetScore Rental Management for WooCommerce

Auto billing

An automated billing engine creates billing records, invoices, and records payment receipts in accordance with the terms defined in the rental contract.

Notifications / alerts

Your customers can receive email alerts regarding their rental order that can be automatically generated based on user defined conditions.

Multi–language support

User screens and customer notifications can be presented in numerous language options.

Seamless WooCommerce integration

NetScore Rental Management for WooCommerce manages your rental needs by leveraging key information from the platform and automatically delivering transaction back to WooCommerce.

User defined rental forms

Rental contract forms can be modified to include your specific rental terms and conditions, pricing breakdown for the rental contract, pickup location, and other information you wish to appear on the rental contract.


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