NetSuite Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Connector for NetSuite

NetScore connector that seamlessly integrates the Salesforce Marketplace with NetSuite
NetSuite Salesforce Integration

Integrate Salesforce with NetSuite Seamlessly

Real-time information on the product, inventory and prices in both environments

NetScore Salesforce Connector for NetSuite is a highly customizable connector that can integrate Salesforce application with NetSuite. This connector builds a connection between NetSuite and Salesforce to provide real-time sync of accounts (customers & contacts) and product information, a seamless lead-to-cash process that improves cash flow, eliminates manual order entry and reduces order errors.

NetSuite to Salesforce

Auto Product Sync

  • Updates Salesforce automatically whenever products/items or prices are changed within NetSuite and vice versa.
  • Updates customer orders and financial information in Salesforce based on changes made in NetSuite and vice versa.


  • Automatically create and update sales orders in NetSuite based on Salesforce opportunities.
  • Create and update sales quotes in Salesforce based on real-time quote information in NetSuite.


  • Equip sales and backend teams with comprehensive reporting on key business metrics.


  • Track customer financial transactions like credits and refunds in
  • Gives you the ability to track sales order transactions from fulfillment to billing.
  • This will enable you to view or export Invoices, Payments, Credits, Deposits, Refunds and Cash sale data from NetSuite in Salesforce.

Easy to Use

  • NetScore Salesforce Connector is deployed within NetSuite, so that you can manage the integration from NetSuite by obtaining complete control over all record and field-level mappings.

Builds a connection between
NetSuite and Salesforce to provide real-time sync

  • Gain complete visibility into your customer and contacts information from the front and back office.
  • Get real-time visibility of NetSuite orders created from Salesforce opportunities.
  • Easily import financial reports from Salesforce to NetSuite.

  • Get real-time information on the product, inventory, and prices in both systems.
  • Get real-time information about employees between both systems.






Import Accounts, Contacts, 

Opportunities from Salesforce to NetSuite

Export Customers, Contacts & Items from NetSuite to Salesforce

Import Items & Orders from Salesforce to NetSuite

Export Sales Orders from NetSuite to Salesforce Opportunities


*Includes all the Features of Standard Edition

Export Sales Order from NetSuite to Salesforce Order

Export Item Fulfillments from NetSuite to Salesforce

Export Financials from NetSuite to Salesforce

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