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Rock Materials Transforms Their Delivery Routing Operations With Automated Processes And Improved Efficiency

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Since 1999, Rock Materials has been catering to the Texas residential and commercial construction sectors by offering building stone and masonry materials. Over the past two decades, they have established themselves as pioneers in terms of quality, pricing, and service. As they expand beyond the Dallas and Houston markets, their goal is to become the top choice as a natural stone and masonry supplier.

This case study showcases Rock Material’s effective integration of NetScore for optimizing delivery operations within NetSuite, showcasing their ambition to achieve the number one position.

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The NetScore solutions helps Rock Materials

resolve issues and reach their goals


Rock Materials


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NetScore Delivery Routing for NetSuite

In 2020, Rock Materials’ rapid expansion demanded advanced technology. With Houston and Dallas branches operating as distinct entities, they sought a versatile system to replace paper-based processes. Dealing with diverse orders ranging from monthly to 60 daily, weighing 10 lbs. to 40,000 lbs., timely delivery was crucial. To streamline operations and accommodate growth, Rock Materials aimed for a scalable tech solution.

As the number of deliveries surged, effectively managing drivers, and providing excellent customer service became a big challenge. Creating daily delivery routes became more complicated due to lots of different information, which wasted time and money. They needed a dedicated employee for each branch to handle this.

  • Complex Routes and Detailed Planning: Daily route creation grew complex due to abundant information, requiring careful consideration of order size, weight, truck capacity, and special materials handling.
  • Time-Consuming Process: Route planning demanded significant time investment from General Manager Brooks Maak, with limited delegation options.
  • Navigating New Locations: Deliveries to new construction sites lacking clear addresses posed challenges in precise drop-off location determination.

After evaluating numerous platforms, in 2020 they implemented NetSuite. While NetSuite provided everything the back office needed, NetScore emerged as a recommended choice, as it was renowned for its ability to tailor solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Automated Decision-Making: NetScore’s Delivery Management solution integrated variables into a computerized system for comprehensive route planning, considering factors like order specifics and truck capacity.
  • Seamless Transition: Upon Brooks’ promotion, his successor inherited a tool with crucial decision-making data, streamlining processes.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Documentation: NetScore’s mobile app enables drivers to capture delivery images in real-time, accessible to customer service team. Customers also receive prompt notifications via text or email.
  • Enhanced Accountability and Visibility: Rock Material now confidently demonstrates correct deliveries. Real-time driver tracking via the NetScore app offers immediate truck location visibility via a NetSuite dashboard for customer service.

The NetScore solutions helps Rock Materials

resolve issues and reach their goals

A New Plan

Certain professions require people to devise unique approaches to solving complex problems. When Brooks  first took over planning routes, he had no technology tools. He had to cobble together a process built on logic, some expertise, and a little voodoo magic. In building routes, Brooks had to consider weight, product dimensions, vehicle capacities, the number of orders destined for zones he established, track patterns, and road restrictions. While he was very successful in his approach, the problem becomes how we make the magic happen when Brooks is unavailable (he was allowed to be sick and take a vacation occasionally.)

However, When they implemented NetScore’s Delivery Management solution, all these variables were now being considered by a computer. So when Brooks was promoted to General Manager, his replacement had a tool containing all the critical decision-making data points.

Proof Positive Solution

When you deliver Rock Materials’ product to a construction location that doesn’t have an address, you need to have definite proof of where and when you delivered it. Even in the days of complete manual systems, the drivers would photograph where they dropped the load for proof. But the problem was that these pictures were unavailable until the driver returned and uploaded them. Customers also want to be noticed of the delivery ASAP since construction sites are often not safe.

Using NetScore’s mobile application, drivers now upload pictures in real-time when the delivery is completed, where customer service can instantly access them after the delivery. Customers can also be immediately noticed of the delivery by text or email based on preference.

Suppose a customer calls and wants to con rm a delivery. In that case, all the information needed by a customer service representative is available on the delivery record. This includes electronic signatures, delivery photos, order details, and real-time delivery time stamps etc. The Rock Material team can now confidently prove that they delivered the customer’s ordered product to the correct location.

It’s More Than Just Delivery

Under the previous manual processes, billing customers on the same day as delivery was not feasible. Delivery tickets often arrived the next day or later. However, with the real-time mobile application, deliveries are recorded and updated in NetSuite instantly. NetSuite promptly initiates the billing process after review and approval, resulting in faster invoicing and improved cash flow. Real-time driver tracking is enabled through the NetScore app, providing customer service with immediate visibility of truck locations via a
NetSuite dashboard.

Change Is Hard, But Not Impossible

Drivers now have mobile applications that equip them with all the necessary tools for their job. For some drivers, the digital transition has been challenging. Still, because the mobile app is intuitive and easy to use, driver adoption is progressing throughout the team. Rock Materials has gone from primarily manual processes to cloud-based solutions with digital automation across its business in the last three years, especially in Delivery Routing. The success of these initiatives highlights the company’s recognition of technology’s value, leading to the exploration of automated solutions in other business areas.


After evaluating numerous platforms, in 2020 they implemented NetSuite. While NetSuite provided everything the back o ce needed, it was necessary to extend NetSuite to optimize Rock Materials’ delivery routing process. Brooks Maak, General Manager, managed the routing of their trucks and planning deliveries for his  rst seven years at Rock Materials. He also maintained an in uential position with the management team. Brooks’ days involved manually organizing and planning the deliveries for their  eet each day. While his process was e ective, it was time-consuming and not something that someone else could easily step into if needed. Each delivery required assessment based on factors such as order quantity, weight, truck capacity, and special equipment for handling materials.

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