Q&A with NetScore CEO
Raj Kellampalli
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A Game Changer: The AI Enabled eCommerce Integration Platform for NetSuite.

Raj Kellampalli-NetScore CEO

Raj Kellampalli


Q1:  What is NetScore FlexiCon?

NetScore FlexiCon is a new integration platform for bi-directional connectors natively built inside NetSuite. It allows users to quickly and seamlessly configure, manage, and monitor all of their eCommerce marketplace and webstore connections, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and others with NetSuite in one user-friendly solution.

Q2:  What does NetScore FlexiCon do for a NetSuite User?

NetScore FlexiCon provides NetSuite users access to highly automated pre-integrated connectors that can be easily activated and managed for all of their eCommerce transactions in real-time within NetSuite.

Once implemented, NetSuite users select connections they need to add and perform a basic configuration setup for each connector within the platform interface. The pre-integrations engage and automatically begin syncing all data between NetSuite and the marketplaces. No dependency on 3rd party or external servers is required.

Q3:  How Does NetScore FlexiCon differ from other competitors’ products?

NetScore FlexiCon was designed from the ground up to be utilized by end-users. It uniquely does not require a consultant to implement the platform. There are no implementation or ongoing management fees or the need for additional employees to operate it. Simply put, FlexiCon has made something once complicated now easy to use.

Q4:  What value does NetScore FlexiCon deliver to organizations?

NetScore FlexiCon delivers a definable return on investment for NetSuite users engaged in eCommerce. Here are a couple of areas where FlexiCon shines:

  • Improves Efficiency / Saves Time

NetScore FlexiCon typically reduces the time your staff spends by over 50%. By automating the connectors between NetSuite and your eCommerce marketplaces, and consolidating functions into a single solution for more efficient operations, FlexiCon saves a lot of staff time that can be better utilized elsewhere in your organization.

And when you need to add a new marketplace to NetSuite, you no longer have to wait until a consultant can set up a new connection. You simply toggle a switch, and you are ready to go.

  • Reduces Costs

NetScore FlexiCon eliminates professional services costs and consultant fees traditionally needed for implementation requiring no additional hardware like new servers or external software solutions to establish new integrated connections – just sign-up and log in.

Your internal team can operate and manage NetScore FlexiCon on Day 1. It is easy to use and does not require expensive training and consultants with deep knowledge of the platform to run it. One person can manage the FlexiCon platform in NetSuite, reducing operational costs while preserving operational scalability.

Q5:  Does NetScore FlexiCon only offer eCommerce Marketplaces connectors or are there other options?

Currently, NetScore FlexiCon also offers Webstores and 3PL Shipping connectors. Additional options are coming in the future.

Q6:  What are some of the top features that NetScore FlexiCon offers?

NetScore FlexiCon offers many features to support the leading practices you need to manage and maintain your business connections successfully. Here are a few:

  • User-friendly Automation Tools

Quickly map fields and make connections through a unique User Dashboard within NetSuite that allows a single person to manage it all.

  • Schedulers

Creates a specific and unified environment for NetSuite Users that controls the frequency of item updates per each customers’ needs.

  • Proactive Reporting

Provides logbooks and detailed reporting that automatically checks audit trails for transactional errors to prevent big problems before they arise. FlexiCon not only identifies the error but delivers instructions on how to remedy the error.

Q7:  How does NetScore FlexiCon transform a customer’s organization?

NetScore FlexiCon is a game changer.  With its pre-integrated connectors at-the-ready and consolidated management of all eCommerce connectors in one user-friendly dashboard within NetSuite, NetScore FlexiCon helps achieve new levels of efficiency. It expands your capacity for future growth and it accelerates integration initiatives. And FlexiCon reduces the operational costs to maintain and manage your business connectors.

Q8:  How long does it take to set up one of NetScore FlexiCon’s connectors and get started?

Initial installation of NetScore FlexiCon takes 5-10 days. During this time, NetScore provides platform training on how to use FlexiCon. Each connector purchased after initial implementation will only require minimal setup and configuration.

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