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NetScore BoxMaker for NetSuite

A Full Featured Solution to Customize multiple Item Boxes

Boxes can be created in both NetSuite UI and Webstore

Increase Order Values

You can bundle an array of items that your customers may be interested in, so that your box can make its way into customers baskets based on their choice of items.

Hassle free Shopping

Helps your customers reduce their time while shopping to determine related products. This takes the hassle out of shopping for many customers who no longer have to figure out which individual products or components are compatible.

Easy Maintenance

Gives you the ability to pick out the list of items for each box you want to sell, create it in setup and make available for shopping.

Increase Quote-to-Sales Process

Once the BoxMaker setup is ready, boxes are available in both NetSuite UI and Webstore.

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A Seamless Extension to Your NetSuite ERP Solution with a Robust Complement of Features

Dynamic Boxes

Users are offered with different sets of boxes to purchase as a whole. Each box can be set with a different set of items and can be offered with attracting discount rules. All the inventory is handled with real time data.


Users can submit the order directly for their customized box. No need of making any customization’s or alterations in their current sales process. Through the web site extension, they can add BoxMaker to the basket from the product details page screen after all user requirements are completed. The order is then processed in the same manner as other products.


Users can check the final price by submitting the quote request to the sales team for their customized box makers. This also helps them track how much of a discount they are getting when purchasing as a box vs individually.

Price Calculation

Based on the user requirements for the items of a box, the prices can be calculated dynamically. The price of each item can be pulled directly from an integrated ERP to ensure that pricing is always accurate and up to date for each box.

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