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NetScore Auction Management for NetSuite

A Full Featured Solution to manage Auctions on your online store

Easiest way to sell the unsold inventory from your warehouses

NetScore Auction Management application enables a powerful extension to your Suite Commerce/Suite Commerce Advance platform that allow website customers to bid remotely by joining online auctions in your webstore. NetScore Auction Management can be deployed as-is or customized further to meet specific business requirements.

Real-time Auction Experience

Provides real time auction clock and a seamless bid synchronization with detail bidding history.

Fast Setup and Easy Maintenance

The auction configurator is easy enough to quickly setup auction listing and publishing to website. Multiple categories of auction can be created and then run simultaneously.

Increased Sales

Create competitive environment for customer , enticing them to bid for the highest to win.

Stock Clearance

Auctioning products online is the easiest way to sell the unsold inventory from warehouses.

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A Seamless Extension to Your NetSuite ERP Solution with a Robust Complement of Features


A timer can be displayed in the product page for customer to know when an auction will end.

Bidders Table

A bidders table can be displayed in product page where customer can see all the bidders and bid prices for that specific item in auction.

Auction Details

A table can be displayed in product page where customer can see the
auction details like latest bidder, auction name, latest bid price etc.


A watch button will be used for customer to know about the auction like current status, latest bidder, latest price etc through email.


Bidding process will be created in NetSuite backend where an administrator can enable and disable the auction feature for the product.


Customers have the ability to place multiple bids in a running auction.

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