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Permian Equipment Rentals, established in 2009 and acquired by The Butch’s Companies in August 2011, is a leading rental provider of wide range of industry-specific equipment. They also deploy experienced technicians and mechanics to ensure efficient, safe, and on-budget site completion. Operating 365 days a year, Permian is dedicated to meeting every job site’s equipment, service, and maintenance needs.

In this case study, get to know about their successful implementation of NetScore Rental Management Solution for NetSuite, reinforcing their position as a premier partner for all equipment and service requirements.

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The NetScore solutions helps Permian Equipment

Rentals resolve issues and reach their goals


Permian Equipment Rentals


Midland, United States


Equipment Rental for Oil and Gas

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NetScore Rental Management for NetSuite

Butch’s is a multi-subsidiary organization that expanded through acquisitions. Each acquired company was using different systems, causing difficulties in managing the overall organization. To become more efficient and unified, they want to operate as one large organization with a single portfolio. To achieve this, they needed to implement a rental management system for Permian Rentals within NetSuite which will bring everyone together under one single platform.

The challenges faced by Permian included:-

Operational Segmentation: The separate systems used by different subsidiaries were resulting in disjointed processes and data fragmentation.

Efficiency Gaps: Essential operational tasks were often lost amidst the fragmented systems, leading to delays and errors in equipment rental processes.

Lack of Modernization: Permian recognized the need for a more contemporary solution that could provide better visibility, automation, and integration.

Seamless Integration with NetSuite: By understanding Permian’s requirements and utilizing NetSuite’s capabilities effectively, NetScore’s solution seamlessly integrated with NetSuite.

More Efficient Business Management: By improving efficiency in basic but vital business tasks, such as document handling, approval, billing, and collections, the solution enabled Permian personnel to do their jobs more efficiently.

Consolidation: By integrating Permian’s rental operations into NetSuite, NetScore enabled a significant milestone, driving consolidation that resulted in enhanced operational efficiency.

The NetScore solutions helps Permian Equipment

Rentals resolve issues and reach their goals

More Efficient Business Management

Croft, Procurement Manager at Permian said “What we needed, was a good quality system with good infrastructure and good data, where you can just click a few buttons and see, ‘This many jobs are in this status; these are collectible; these are past due etc. That’s what NetScore’s Rental Management solution provided.”

He adds “By improving efficiency in these basic but vital business tasks, the solution enabled Permian personnel to do their jobs more efficiently: “We’ve trained them to be even more effective. That is really where the value is.”

Consolidating and Streamlining

Butch’s had a clear objective regarding Permian and their other subsidiaries: “Part of our overarching goal is to get us all on the same platform,” says Croft. “We want to be one large organization that operates similarly and can gain efficiency through the portfolio rather than being so segmented.”

NetScore, he says, improved the whole organization: “It works to the point where now we can have consolidated reporting. We can click one button and see the whole group, see a division, see one yard, see one subsidiary, etc. That’s our organizational transformation: getting everyone onto that one platform.”

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Permian Rental
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Permian Equipment Rentals is a regional leader providing equipment rentals for well sites with 24-hour service, 365 days/year. In addition to providing clients with a wide variety of industry-speci c equipment for drilling operations, Permian also employs technicians for service and maintenance, ensuring that they can provide clients with the precise equipment needed for their site, have it delivered quickly, and keep it maintained.


Permian was founded in 2009. In 2011, it was acquired by Butch’s Rat Hole and Anchor. Butch’s had acquired several di erent companies and found themselves facing a problem, explains Patrick Croft, Procurement Manager at Permian Equipment Rental, “We have a multi-subsidiary organization that grew through acquisition, which put us in a position where we had several di erent accounting systems, as each acquisition used di erent systems.” They needed to  gure out how to consolidate these various systems and move towards a single solution.


The NetScore team got to work, often meeting Croft’s team to discuss their needs and how to  ll them.
“They hit the ground running,” says Croft. “We tried to identify where those areas of opportunity were and what pieces we had to have. What wowed me was their willingness to think through and help solve problems.”

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