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NetSuite Scripting Customizations

Proven leading practices ensure scalable and flexible enhancements

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At NetScore, we perform gap analysis based on client requirements and come up with a better solution which is more scalable and effective by following the NetSuite and software best practices.

Scripting customizations will be mainly used for automation of the business process and to increase the system efficiency. We also follow three-step standard testing process through unit testing, integrated testing and regression testing. These processes will scale the performance from unit level to bulk data testing.

We follow software best practices and ensure that our customizations are scalable and flexible for enhancements.

All our scripting requirements will be documented along with the use cases; this helps end users understand the process.

Our experience with prior customizations spans across various industries and our processes are designed to get the project completed on time and within the budget.


Used for creating invoices when item fulfilment is created in NetSuite.

Split Orders

Split sales order into multiple orders based on the criteria.

Landed Cost Calculation

Auto calculate landed cost on item receipt based on its hierarchy.

NetSuite Scripting Customizations

Lowest Price Grabber

Populates lowest prices in Sales order/ invoice from the available list of prices in NetSuite.

Custom PDF Template Design

Creating PDF templates for pickslip, invoice, sales order and more NetSuite records.

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“NetScore has helped us to deliver a key component of our NetSuite solution. They always listened to our needs and delivered what was defined and specified in a very short timeframe. NetScore team continues to be one of our favorite software vendors that we deal with as far as quality of the product, quality of support, and knowledge of the NetSuite products are concerned.”

Jan Smilek | CFO

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Increases Recurring Sales Through NetScore’s Pricing Solution

The Universal Group wanted to provide discounts to its repeat webstore customers and automate their pricing based on the customers’ purchasing history; it necessitated adopting a scripting customization to avoid the manual effort required to update the custom pricing details regularly for the webstore.

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