BigCommerce Connector for NetSuite
NetScore connector that seamlessly integrates the BigCommerce webstore with NetSuite

Integrate BigCommerce with NetSuite Seamlessly

Efficient Catalog Management

Real-time exporting of products, images, and pricing from NetSuite to BigCommerce.

Accurate Shipping and Tracking Details

Updates the BigCommerce user orders with valid shipping and tracking details as you fulfil orders in NetSuite.

Accurate Accounting

Transfer other transaction details like returns, refunds, credit memos etc from BigCommerce to NetSuite and maintain accurate accounting.

Connect Multiple Stores

Easily connect multiple stores by using configuration records in NetSuite.

Real-time Order and Customer Sync

Imports orders and customers to NetSuite in real-time and identify repeat customers in the whole system.

Automatic Inventory Sync

Automatically lower items available in inventory based on the item purchase history and avoid inventory discrepancies between NetSuite and BigCommerce.

Manage Your Data & Orders Between NetSuite and BigCommerce

Automatic Creating/Updating of Product Information

Items can be updated, so that end users can see real-time information of products, pricing and other attributes.

Updates Tracking Information
to BigCommerce

Regular update of tracking details enables the end user to be well informed about the order status of shipping.

Real-time Order Import and
Automatic Fulfillment

Real-time order import process ensures that orders get fulfilled and shipped from the warehouse at a rapid pace.

Real-time Inventory and Pricing Sync

Allows the user to see real-time inventory levels in BigCommerce web store to make informed decisions on inventory management.

Real-time Updates

Focus on increasing sales with real-time updates.
• Complete automation of sales process.
• Inbuilt error handling mechanisms.

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